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This Christmas special limited edition Hot Jelly is a perfect addition to your Winter holiday meal.

Enjoy the fruity/sour flavours of the Cranberries, balanced with the floral/sweet flavours of the Caribbean Sorrel, the earthy/warm flavours of the Ginger seasoned with Caribbean Christmas spices and finally mixed with our selection of gourmet Ghost Peppers.  


Suggested Pairings:  Meats, Fish,Turkey, Chicken, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Bread and Cheese, Cakes, Ice Creams...


Ingredients:   Cranberries, Sorrel, Ginger, Hot Peppers, Cane Sugar, Vinegar, Pectin, Caribbean Spices


This Hot Jelly is low in sugar (no sugar added), low in Sodium, contains minimal Pectin, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan. 



Xmas Splash - Cranberry/Sorrel Hot Jelly

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